6 Reasons To Get More Fish On Your Fork

6 Health Benefits of Eating Fish  

If you think about it, sashimi was around long before the raw-food health movement. 
So what is it about this widely rejoiced, uncooked, delicacy that makes it so healthy? 
The simple answer is that it’s fish. 
However you serve it - poached, steamed, grilled, baked, you name it, fish offers a long list a benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Let’s take a look at what they are, why the National Health and Medical Research Council are urging Aussies to eat more of it, and the overall benefits that come from eating healthy.

  1. Healthy for minds young and old

Fish is a great source of strength for your body, but what about your brain?
Packed with omega-3 fats, fish provides a heap of positives for the different working parts of your mind, throughout every stage of your life.

From taking first steps to graduating from high school, fish helps generate brain tissue during those crucial early phases of development.

As you get older, fish also plays a helpful part in maintaining your mental wellbeing. Its high content of omega-3 acids helps reduce and fight depression with studies showing that it improves the effectiveness of antidepressants.

Fish has also been known to help combat other mental health disorders including ADHD, bipolar, and Alzheimers. 

  1. Reduces risk of heart disease

Nothing can ever fill the void of a signature Sunday bacon and eggs. But as we search for the next best healthy meat option, you’ll be pleased to know fish is actually good for your heart.

 By eating fish 2-3 times a week, you can help minimize your risk of heart disease, clots, heart attacks, strokes and abnormal heart rhythms, while lowering blood pressure and boosting good cholesterol. 

Some recommended choices include salmon, trout, sardines, herring, canned mackerel and light tuna, however, it’s important to be mindful that no more than 3,000mg of omega-3 oils should be consumed per day. 

  1. Great for mums and bubs

Motherhood is strange, right? Not only do you carry a tiny human inside of you, but you begin eating for them too. That’s why fish is great - it offers essential dietary and health benefits for both you and your baby. 
It lowers the risk of babies being born prematurely and improves their eyesight - a likely result of omega-3 nutrients transferred when breastfeeding.

While rich in nutrients, and wonderful for early development, fish is also high in mercury, so no more than 340 grams of low-mercury fish like salmon or trout is recommended.

Mums carrying are also advised to avoid eating raw or uncooked fish. 

  1. Reduces risk of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases

Another great benefit of increasing your fish intake is that it helps reduce your risk of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.
This includes anything from providing relief from symptoms for rheumatoid, arthritis, and psoriasis.
It’s also known to help asthma, an infection caused by inflamed airways, with studies showing fish can help reduce the risk in children by up to 24%.

  1. Improves and protects your eyesight

When it comes to taking care of our eyes, we’re often given a list of what not to do.
“Don’t squint, don’t read in dim light, don’t sit so close to the screen.”
But what about a “To Do” list? To Do: Eat fish.
Getting your weekly intake will help strengthen your retina, and preserve your eyesight, with studies showing fish helps reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration - a leading cause of vision impairment and blindness commonly seen in older adults.

  1. Packed with vitamins and minerals

Fish offers so many health benefits thanks to its omega-3 fats and oils, but let’s not forget about all the other nutrients it provides.
Eating fish 2-3 times a week helps us stock up on high-quality proteins, iodine, magnesium and potassium - nutrients we quite often lack.
The fattier types like salmon, trout, sardines, tuna and mackerel are considered to be the healthiest and are a simple, delicious way to stay well-nourished.

So whether you’re looking to justify your sashimi indulgence, or simply improve your health, there’s plenty of reasons to get more fish on your fork. 
If you’re more a plant-lover, why not check out Easy Ways to get Omega-3 Fish Free
or to find out more about the benefits of fish, visit The Ultimate Guide to Omega-3 Health Benefits.

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