Is missing these 4 vitamins sabotaging your workout?

When you set aside the time in your busy day to exercise, you need it to be effective. You want to reap the many physical and health benefits you worked hard for. You want to recover quickly and painlessly from the micro-tears you have sustained within your muscles and get back the cellular energy levels you have drained. You want your neuromuscular system refreshed and ready to go again. But could missing four important vitamins be rendering you unable to do these things effectively?

This post examines four easily-depleted vitamins that, because of their essential role in the way the body functions during and after exercise, can leave you feeling exhausted and not seeing the full extent of the physical results you have worked hard for. Missing these vitamins makes you ill-equipped for your workday and the workouts to come, meaning you’ll be sabotaging yourself even before you’ve got your joggers on.

An understanding of the essential role of these vitamins in your energy and recovery will help you workout smarter, not harder, to reach your training goals faster. It will also help you build confidence in your workout routine and nutrition.


Acetyl L-Carnitine: Optimises your body’s ability to convert stored fat to energy

Carnitine is essential to the process that converts your stored fat into energy for your body to use to power you through your workout. It does this by transporting your fatty acids into the powerhouse of your cells, called the mitochondria, where it is turned into energy. Its other functions include helping metabolise carbohydrates and clear lactic acid.

During exercise, your body may require more Carnitine than it can produce. Depletions in Carnitine can leave you feeling drained both physically and mentally, as well as impair your post-workout recovery. Restoring your Carnitine levels with supplements has shown in many exercise-focused studies to:

  • Help improve performance
  • Help optimise energy metabolism and production
  • Help reduce physical and mental fatigue
  • Help reduce muscle damage and enhance recovery

This means that Carnitine optimises the biological processes occurring within your cells, as well as how you feel and the ease with which you recover after exercise.

Note: Not all supplements are formed in the same natural way, so make sure that if you’re going to supplement L-Carnitine, that you do so from a trusted source. For a reliable and complete energy supplement that includes an optimal dosage of Acetyl L-Carnitine, click here.


Magnesium: Improves your energy output during exercise & recovery after exercise

Magnesium is one of the most easily depleted minerals in the body, and sweating it out during exercise is a primary way that it is lost. It is involved in almost all of the body’s major cellular processes, of which there are over 600 enzymatic reactions identified as requiring Magnesium to occur. This means that having depleted Magnesium levels can significantly impair how you function throughout the rest of the day.

Magnesium is involved in:

  • Regulating blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Producing energy from glucose and fats
  • Aiding nerve conduction, muscle contractions and protein synthesis
  • Controlling heart rate
  • Helping the immune system


When you’re low in Magnesium, you may feel fatigue, muscle weakness, cramps, insomnia, poor memory and a reduced ability to learn.

Replenishing lost Magnesium through food and supplements can help improve the way you will perform for the rest of the day by helping with your cell functions, energy production, muscle recovery, and reducing soreness and cramping.

Tip: Supplements can help bridge the gap between the Magnesium you are getting from food and the amount required daily by your body. When looking for a Magnesium supplement, choose one that offers Magnesium in multiple forms for best absorption by the body. For example, this trusted Magnesium supplement, as part of the sports performance pack, provides Magnesium in five different forms contained within one capsule for optimal absorption. Learn more here


Bio-Curcumin: Enhances recovery and reduces painful symptoms

Curcumin has been well studied and shown to have excellent anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties that can help you feel better after a workout. Unfortunately, it has very poor bioavailability, meaning that the body does not absorb it well from the foods you eat. It is known for its benefits in:

  • Decreasing joint pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation
  • Reducing both acute and chronic pain
  • Helping aid circulation to reduce swelling
  • Helping improve recovery from injury

Because damage to the muscle fibres and tissues is a natural part of every workout, effectively replenishing Curcumin helps to optimise the repair and recovery process and minimise discomfort. Otherwise, you may be self-sabotaging by leaving your body with unexpected aches, pain and stiff joints that affect your future workouts and put a dent in your day-to-day life until the symptoms subside.

While it’s good to derive large amounts of nutrients from your diet and then supplement based on your health and activity levels, specific Curcumin supplements like this have been shown to be 27 times more bioavailable (easily absorbed) than food-based curcumin. This makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to get the most out of their daily health and fitness.

Find your optimal recovery with curcumin supplements and other vitamins all in our sports performance pack.


Ginseng: Helps the body overcome fatigue, restore vitality and relieve stress

Ginseng is cited as being the most studied physical-performance herb on the planet and has been used for centuries to improve energy - as well as libido. Ginseng helps the body to produce creatine, which aids the production of energy to be used by the muscles, enhances muscle growth and recovery. Because muscles become fatigued without sufficient energy, optimising this process means you keep going for longer without exhaustion.

The other benefits of Ginseng may include:

  • Improving cardiac function by enhancing the coronary blood flow and promoting the growth of new blood vessels
  • Reducing muscles damage, inflammation and lactic acid build-up
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Improving hormone regulation

There are many different types of Ginseng including Asian, American, Siberian and Indian varieties. Some varieties are more potent in helping to enhance energy and stimulate the central nervous system, while others will be more effective in helping support recovery, lowering blood sugars and reducing stress.

Because adding Ginseng to your diet is an active choice, many people may struggle to replenish it - and its benefits - from their diet when it becomes depleted. Ginseng supplements are available, and good sources like this will contain a mixture of the various types of Ginseng to optimise your benefits as well as the other vitamins mentioned above in one easy to use sports performance pack.


Selecting the right workout vitamins can be hard…

And taking them consistently can be even harder. If you’d like to stop sabotaging your workouts and take your energy, endurance and recovery a step further with the right fuel, start with this sports performance supplement pack. It contains all four of the supplements we’ve discussed and comes delivered to your door in individual, environmentally-friendly packets.

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