A natural guide to boosting your energy


Natural ways to boost energy 

Think of all the crazy amazing things people achieve. 127 hour straight piano recitals.
Free climb skyscrapers. Coronary heart surgery.

Now think about how near impossible they’d be to do if we didn’t have enough energy.

After all, energy is quite possibly one of the biggest factors between jumping up and seizing the day or collapsing onto the floor.

So how do we boost our energy levels without downing drinks that make your heart race at 1000 beats per minute? Well, there are a bunch of ways. And the best part is that they’re all natural. So whether you’re hoping to be the next Mozart, or simply wanting to know what it’s like to be able to get through the day without feeling like a week-old party balloon, here are some ways to get your oomph back.

  1. Stay hydrated
Let’s start with the easiest and equally hardest thing to drink in the world - water. The most natural source of energy. Not only does it allow our brains to function better, but it improves our mood. Without it, our energy levels dramatically deplete.

To help you drink more of it, we thought we’d take a rather unconventional approach and inform you of all the times you lose water. Here we go: when you sweat, go to the toilet, talk, walk, stress, drink coffee and even breathe.

So, the next time you feel fatigued or do any of the things we just listed, why not reach for a glass of water, or 8. Basically, however ever many to make sure you’re getting up to 2 litres a day.


  1. Keep Active

This doesn’t mean you should start wearing active wear everywhere like weddings or the office, but we do recommend fitting in that bit of exercise where you can to give your body an extra boost.

The science behind it is simple. The more you move, the more oxygen your lungs take in, which means your brain and blood stream get more air, helping you feel more awake.

If frequent exercise is something you’re still warming up to, you can check out these range of vitamins to help with your workout. Alternatively, you’ll be pleased to know that swapping out snacks for a ten minute stroll when you’re feeling fatigued has also been proven to help. 


  1. Sex. And more of it.

Yes, you read correctly.  While sex is often treated as a relatively taboo topic, we’d like to come out and openly recommend having more of it because it’s great for improving health and eliminating fatigue. 

It gets your brain going, burns calories, releases endorphins, strengthens immunity, helps with stress and depression and increases your oxygen intake.

In the spirit of naturality, we obviously can’t tell you when to do it. But if you’re interested, the morning is a great time particularly from a hormonal perspective, as it sets your energy and mood for the day.

  1. Stress less

People express stress in funny ways. Some laugh hysterically, tear up, sweat, some even begin speaking in a bogan accent ( we’re not lying).

Whether your method is mad or not, keep it up, because reducing stress is a great way to give your energy a leg up.

Why? Well, when you’re stressed, you’re likely to have trouble concentrating, racing thoughts or simply struggle to turn your brain off. All these things can really take it out of you, so the more you can reduce stress, the more energized you’ll feel.

Some of the best ways to do so is by practicing deep breaths, mindfulness and meditation.

  1. Stop smoking

If the long-term effects of smoking seem rather distant and off your radar, then perhaps you’ll be interested in some of its short-term effects like feeling fatigued day-to-day.

This happens because smoking stops your lungs working at full speed and prevents air from getting into your bloodstream, making you feel tired. Eventually, the lack of oxygen causes your whole body to feel tired.

Of course, the best thing you can do is quit, but if you’re not quite at that stage yet you may find it helpful to switch to gum, patches or e-cigarettes.

  1. Eat well

There’s a common rule of thumb when it comes to walking and grocery shopping: always stick to your left or your right.
Why? Well within supermarkets, the middle aisles are where all the processed, unnatural foods live. These guys generally cause low energy, increase bad eating habits and make you to feel sluggish.

Not only are these foods highly processed, but they’re high in sugar and fat which can leave you feeling a big ‘meh’. Meanwhile, choosing whole foods that are low in GI and high in nutrients provide your body with the right amount of energy and nutrition to keep your body fueled for the day. And yep, you guessed it, they’re kept in the aisles to the left or the right - fruit, vegetables, wholegrain and energy-boosting protein like poultry.

  1. Better sleep patterns

Shower. Pyjamas. Bed. And oops, suddenly it’s 12 pm and you’re 52 weeks deep looking at Rebecca’s cousin’s wedding pictures from Bali. If that sounds all too familiar and you’re often fatigued, perhaps it’s time to fix your sleeping patterns.

Resisting screen time before bed is a no brainer as it stimulates your brain, making it harder to fall asleep. Some other tricks to help improve your sleep and leave you feeling energised include keeping your bedroom cool, void of a TV and exercising earlier in the day so that your body has time to wind down.


  1. Get a healthier gut

First there were juice cleanses. Then came oxygen bars, and somewhere in between that, bird poop face masks. Every few months there’s a new health fad, but we can assure you the current craze over gut health is legit. Especially if you’re wanting to feel well rested.

Let’s start by determining the state of your gut. Essentially, if you’re often feeling tired or bloated, experience headaches and food sensitivities you may have ‘leaky gut syndrome’ which causes fatigue.

To avoid this altogether and boost your overall gut health, we recommend keeping your water levels up and cutting out fake sugars. Things like diet soft drinks and artificial sweeteners which claim to have no calories actually create inflammation in your gut causing you to put on weight and affect your overall energy levels.

By following these tips, we can’t guarantee you’ll go down in the books for breaking a record, but you’ll have the energy to read one. Even after a long day.

Keen to seek out extra ways to increase your energy? Why not see Vitamins best suited to boosting your energy, or check out the range of foods to help you focus more throughout the day.

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