About Us

Our Facility

My Vitamin Packs uses a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved medical packaging facility in Australia to carefully package high quality vitamins from all of Australia’s favourite and trusted vitamin brands. We use the same pharmaceutical packaging systems as hospitals and pharmacies and take great care in using the most up to date technology to deliver your personalised daily vitamin pack.

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Our Team

Tom Bailey

Founder & Director

I was a young intern pharmacist who had a passion for health and fitness. I had a growing interest in vitamins and nutrition and after studying pharmacy for more than 7 years I moved into a more holistic and preventative approach to promoting health and wellbeing rather than managing diseases. I was always fascinated with nutrition and could see that a lot of chronic illness and health issues could easily be prevented and nutrition was the key.

I wanted to design a service that educated patients more about nutrition and the influences it has over our health. I wanted to be able t o be able to give them the best possible quality and value for vitamins to supplement their nutritional needs and create a way to keep them consistent and accountable with vitamin supplementation. So I designed “My Vitamin Packs” and created an online platform for customers to get everything they need whether its answers to difficult questions, a free consult to discuss their goals or a vitamin pack designed specifically for their needs.

Phil Nakkan


I am a Health and Fitness advocate who has enjoyed working in the realms of the Sports Industry for the last 15 years. Currently working as a sales specialist in the sports entertainment sector, I am passionate about my chosen field and love what I do. I live by the motto 'simplify your life' which is how I came up with the idea of customising my daily vitamin intake into a personalised pre packed solution. Fortune then brought me to Tom who was already working on the My Vitamins Packs concept and the rest is history. I believe work life balance is the key to a fulfilled life so when I am not working I am spending time with my beautiful wife and little daughter. It's important to me that I instill the confidence in my daughter that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. I like to practice what I preach and take great satisfaction in pushing my body to the limits in pursuit of a peaceful mind and optimal physical condition. I am constantly on the pursuit for my next physical challenge and am currently training in preparation for the UTA 100 trail race.

Chris Feather


Hailing from Leeds, Northern England, Chris had a keen interest in many competitive sports from an early age, originally finding his calling in rugby league as a teenager. Chris’ competitive spirit, skills and grit saw him shoot up the ranks. A professional player at just age 17, Chris spent 11 years playing top level Super League in the UK and Elite League 1 Rugby in France.

His enduring passion for fitness led him to a career in Fitness upon retiring from rugby league. Relocating to the sunny shores of Sydney, after completing Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Chris was then charged with the responsibility to open and manage one of the cities most exclusive private gyms in 2011 – 98 Riley St. At ‘98’ the focus is on turning ordinary into the extraordinary, providing targeted, personalized and accountable training programs and classes for fitness, health and well-being. In recognition of his dedication and excellence to training and fitness, Chris was invited to Utah, USA to participate in a private training and fitness qualification program called Gym Jones. Gym Jones is an elite program that prides itself on a dedication to ‘the art of suffering’.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make staying healthy easy; by creating a quality service that allows you to take the vitamins and supplements your body needs daily in such a way that’s affordable, convenient and personalised.

We believe in the long-term health benefits of taking exceptional quality vitamins on a daily basis. Our vision is to become thought leaders in the health industry by reengineering the way people go about their daily vitamin taking.

Our aim is that our customers would experience an optimum quality of life because of the unique service we provide.

Our Values

Create an awesome and unique buying experience

Create a completely unique online buying experience, an enjoyable, interactive and personal customer journey.

Highest level of customer service & care

Provide a higher level of customer service so they experience something that feels both professional and personal and take the time to listen and create something that meets their needs.

Passion for Personalisation

Take the time to reach out and discuss health issues with customers, use online tools such as health assessments and over the phone consults to help customers personalise a vitamin pack to suit their individual needs. Do everything we possibly can to create a personalised and enjoyable experience for the customer.

Create massive and lasting value for every member

Continually seek new ways to improve our service and add genuine value to the lives and health of our members.


New concepts and challenging the way people have taken vitamins for years is difficult and we need to find ways to make this concept simple and attractive for the consumer and pride ourselves on transparency in operations and practices for both the customer and the vitamins brands we represent and retail.

Invite, customise and create

E-commerce is evolving and we want to invite the customer to be a part of the product development process. The customer is not just a "recipient of value", they are a "co-creator" of value and MVP invites them to become "creators" not "spectators" in the online shopping experience.

Become a thought leader in the health industry

Create innovative and beautiful products that establish MVP as a thought leader in the health industry.

Continuously innovate to thrive

Never get complacent and always continue to look for new ways to improve and find new innovative ways to drive MVP to become recognised as an innovator and leader in the vitamin industry.

Educate and excite

Provide an online hub of information with quality education and advice to assist the customer to find vitamin combinations to fit their goals. Find new and creative ways to present this information and engage the customer in a conversation and interaction to excite them rather than bore them with plain content.