How do I know the vitamins MVP use are of the highest quality?

At My Vitamin Packs, there’s no funny business. We only use the highest quality vitamins from the major health and wellness brands on the market. These vitamins are then packed under strict medical packing conditions using a TGA approved medical packing facility.

All the vitamin brands we use are approved and listed on the ARTG (Australian Regulation of Therapeutic Goods). This means all of our products have undergone strict testing and regulations when compared to their competitors.

Call us pretentious, but we will only ever use the best brands on the market, which currently include Body Science, Natures Own, Blackmores, Swisse, and Cenovis.

I play sport. Are the vitamins WADA and ASADA approved?

Yes! Breathe. When ordering your vitamins through MVP, you don’t have to stress about whether you’re putting the wrong thing in your body. We take the guesswork out of it and provide you with 100% peace of mind when you take your vitamins everyday. All our vitamins are listed on the ARTG, which means they undergo very strict testing and regulation. As well as this, they are all WADA and ASADA approved.

We also have a massive range of vitamins specifically for athletes, which provide you with all the health and wellness benefits that’ll improve performance and recovery while giving you the personal reassurance that you’re not blurring or crossing any legal lines. We care about this stuff as much as anyone and we want you to be assured we’ve done our homework.

When do you pack the vitamins and how does the packing process work?

We only pack your vitamins once you’ve ordered them. This guarantees absolute freshness and accuracy.

We put your order into the packing facility’s packing program and then the machines pack the vitamins into easy and convenient daily packs. These packs are then checked over twice by another clever machine to ensure your order is correct. As a final touch, we have one of our trained Pharmacists hand check the packages, which are then dispatched to your chosen address within 10 business days of you placing the order.

If you get monthly orders, we pack your vitamins a few days before it’s due to arrive, so you have the new month’s supply ready to go as soon as the previous supply runs out!

Why is it so much cheaper to buy vitamins through MVP?

The cost of vitamins is very competitive and offers great value to customers who invest money into vitamin supplementation.

At MVP, we are committed to providing the best quality vitamins to our customers at the best market price. Our buying power allows us to purchase vitamins at an extremely competitive rate and we are passionate about passing these savings onto our loyal customers and MVP members.

Where will my vitamin pack be made?

At My Vitamin Packs we use a TGA approved medical packing facility in Brisbane to pack all of our vitamins, which are then sent to a pharmacy to be dispatched to your front door.

We have a short video that gives you a sneak peek at our facility and what a normal MVP day of packing looks like. Take a look here.

How is it that MVP is allowed to package vitamins in this way?

At MVP, we pack using a strictly monitored and regulated TGA approved medical packing facility. Trained Pharmacists then monitor and approve the packs before they are sent to you. Our system is such that we’ve been given permission to pack a variety of vitamins under the strict prescribing guidelines of complementary medicines.

These leading brands fully endorse our practice and service, allowing us to deliver a great range of quality vitamins in a way that’s innovative and exciting. Further, our unique method makes it significantly easier and far more convenient for people to take these great brands’ products everyday.

Do I save money buying my vitamins like this?

You absolutely do! You no longer have to worry about going to the shops and rummaging through the thousands of vitamins on the shelves to find the best quality and the best value! We have done all the hard work and provide everything you need in the one place. Also, no longer will you find yourself throwing out half-used, expired bottles of vitamins that you simply forgot to take.

Our system ensures you take all the vitamins you need every day. Through MVP, you will save time and money in your journey to better health, consistently taking only the best quality vitamins from the leading brands.

I’m struggling to open the little plastic bags?

Not to worry! Simply grip the corners with both hands and pull in opposite directions. Remember to always pull from right to left.

How long until the packs expire?

We recommend using the packs within six weeks of receiving them. Unfortunately, if you have them lying around for any longer than this, we can’t guarantee that the structural integrity of the vitamins will still be in tact.

How should I store my vitamin packs?

Great question! Make sure you store the box full of individual packets in a cool dry place below 25 degrees Celsius. Do not store your vitamins in the fridge or freezer and do not leave them in the car for an extended period of time.

Is it safe to mix these vitamins in a pack?

It sure is! The vitamins we use have been tested with stability testing in controlled environments and have been approved to be packed together in our sealed daily packets. We use the same high quality medical packing equipment used in hospitals to ensure we have the best packing standards on the market.

Are the plastic packs biodegradable?

Unfortunately they are not biodegradable. In order to keep the vitamins safe inside and protected from the outside environment, we need to make sure they are ‘impermeable’ to the outside world—which is just a fancy way of saying, ‘the outside can’t get in’.

We’re unable to make the bags biodegradable, because if they were, they would no longer serve their original purpose, which is to keep your vitamins safe inside from the outside world! A biodegradable bag would mean it was able to degrade in the outside environment over time, and this would defeat our purpose altogether. The second we hear that someone has invented an environmentally sustainable and sealable bag—we will be on that train before you can say ‘MVP’.

What If I receive my first pack and don’t like it?

Totally cool! We stand by our product and know our customers love our service so if you don’t love your first pack we will refund the cost! You just need to send it back to us!

How long does it take to get my order?

Great question! My Vitamin packs is a personalised service so it takes us a bit longer to create your pack and put your name on every little individual pack, we like to think we are pretty fast but as I am sure you can imagine this process is a little more complex than just your regular online product. We do our best to get your packs to you as fast as possible and your first order can take up to 6-7 business days to land at your doorstep. If you sign up to monthly orders you will always receive your next months order before you run out of vitamins which means you will never miss a day!

I would like to cancel my pack, how do I do this?

Simply login to your account using the same details you signed up with and then click cancel ongoing orders. If you have any issues logging in you can simply reset your password or you can contact our customer support team at and they can cancel your pack for you.

I would like to change what’s in my pack, how do I do this?

Great question! While taking a consistent dose of daily vitamins Sometimes we might want to change what we are taking seasonally, like taking some different vitamins to keep the flu away in winter! If you want to change your pack, you simply need to contact us at and we can make any changes you need!