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My Vitamin Packs have been so helpful for me. I travel quite often and the individual sachets make it so easy to pack. I know how many days I will be away and take my already portioned and labelled vitamins with me. No more rummaging through containers and sorting them out myself!

Leisel Jones

Olympic swimming
champion and gold

My customized supplement pack from My Vitamin Packs has made the whole process of taking my supplements and vitamins so much easier! No more bulky containers and wasted time - all of the supplements I have personally selected for myself are in a convenient sachet. All I need to do is tear off my dose and take it, anywhere and anytime! From working with clients and customers in the pharmacy I can see a real need for this product and I will be recommending it to all of my clients.

Holly Louise

Registered pharmacist and
Online coach at the Fit

You had to read books for content now you can surf the net. Cars became available and replaced horses for transport due to their convenience. The consumer has lots of choices. And there is parity in the market place, and as a result of that, the consumer is beginning to make decisions, not just on what things cost, but also the convenience of it. So you can continue to store, open AND REMEMBER your vitamins individually or you can do what I do...use My Vitamin Packs!

Moodie Dennaoui

Master of Research

Training & Assessment |
Diploma Children's Services

Nutrition Consultant |
B.Ed Mathematics

The biggest struggle I’ve had with using supplements in the past is the ability to be consistent with them, primarily because I'm always on the go or traveling. There's nothing worse than having to carry around a ton of pill bottles every day and then having to make sure you take them all. MVP solved this issue for me, and ultimately made my life easier, which is what we all want. It's also rare that specific supplements or brands aren't shoved down your throat; instead you can choose exactly what you need and from who you want to get it from with the bonus of having educated industry people able to give advice if necessary.

Alexa Towersey

Personal Trainer, Nutrition
& Lifestyle Coach, Founder
of Creating Curves

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