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My up and at ‘em vitamin packs

Everything you need to boost men’s reproductive health.

My up and at ‘em vitamin packs

Vitamins and nutrients play a big role in male reproductive health. So whether you’re trying for a baby or are just looking for a bit of extra help in the bedroom, we’ve got you sorted.

The up and at ‘em pack is formulated with a unique blend vitamins and minerals like B Vitamins, Zinc, Selenium and Tribulus. Together, they can help provide reproductive support and performance, as well as lower stress levels and detoxify the body.

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Making wellbeing easier to swallow

All the vitamins you need. One little pack. Tailored to you and delivered straight to your door in monthly packs for less than $2 a day. Basically, we do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Every My Vitamin Pack is formulated using only the most reputable vitamins in Australia, like Swisse and Herbs of Gold. No lock-in contracts, no clutter, no more half-empty bottles rattling in your bag. Plus you’ll be using less plastic waste than regular vitamin bottles. Win win.

“My Vitamin Packs have been so helpful for me. I travel quite often and the individual sachets make it so easy to pack. I know how many days I will be away and take my already portioned and labelled vitamins with me. No more rummaging through containers and sorting them out myself!”

Leisel Jones

Olympic swimming
champion and gold medallist

Here's what's in your my up and at ‘em vitamin packs

B Complete Sustained Release

Qty: 1
Herbs of Gold
Herbs of Gold B Complete Sustained Release is a B complex supplement that has been formulated to release nutrients into the body over an 8 hour period.

Magnesium citrate 900

Qty: 1
Herbs of Gold
Herbs of Gold Magnesium Citrate 900 is more soluble and better absorbed by the body than other forms of magnesium, to ensure maximum effective use in the body's energy production and many magnesium-intensive biochemical processes.

Probiotic +SB

Qty: 1
Herbs of Gold
Herbs of Gold Probiotic + SB is a room stable probiotic complex that restores healthy intestinal bacteria and helps maintain healthy digestive function.

Bulgarian Tribulus Complex

Qty: 1
Herbs of Gold
Formulated for athletes Bulgarian Tribulus Complex is a unique blend of Bulgarian and Indian Tribulus providing a total of 15,000mg of Tribulus.

Ginseng 4 Energy Gold

Qty: 1
Herbs of Gold
Ginseng 4 Energy Gold provides a synergistic blend of four ginsengs: Korean, Siberian, American and Indian (Withania) plus Astragalus to help the body overcome fatigue, restore vitality and helps relieve stress.
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*Always consult your healthcare professional before taking any vitamins or supplements.
Always read the label and the health warnings. This product may not be right for you. Read the label before purchase. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.


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I’m not a great sleeper and wanted to try out a custom pack to improve sleep quality, energy and wellbeing. Since taking My Vitamin Packs, I’ve slept like a log and feel much better throughout the day.

Rod My get some zzz’s vitamin packs

Highly recommended. Get involved! I've been using My Vitamin Packs for over 3 months now and I've noticeably felt and seen an improvement in my overall health. I've suffered from multiple muscle and joint problems for years and I can honestly say that not only has the pain dissipated but I fell more energetic. It's convienient, customised and very competitive on price. 5 STARS!

Nicohlas My feeling limber vitamin packs

As a vegan, I thought I was getting 100% of what I needed from my food choices. My tailor made My Vitamin pack targeted the areas I was lacking in essential vitamins which now makes me feel more energised, clarity of the mind and better sleep.
Thank you for making taking my vitamins simple and convenient!

Mariah My clear thinking vitamin packs

Love the flexibility and personal customisation of the vitamin packs all very conveniently packaged in day to day easy tear packs. Very helpfull in keeping up on my daily nutrients with such a busy lifestyle. Thanks my vitamin packs team.

Matthew My tear and go vitamin packs