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Fat Blaster Max
Fat Blaster Max

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Fat Blaster Max

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Please Note: Take 1-2 tablets with water three times daily, 30 minutes before meals or exercise. The maximum daily dosage is 6 tablets daily. Use in conjunction with a healthy, energy controlled diet and exercise program.



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To help increase weight loss, reduce cravings, support metabolism so you can burn more calories.



Shiny dark red half oval shaped pill. 



Heral extracts equiv. dry: Brindleberry 1.5g Guarana (equiv. Caffeine 35mg) 1g Bitter Orange 1g Gymnema 150mcg Ginger 100mcg Kelp (equiv. Iodine 10mcg) 50mg Yerba Mate 50mg Cayenne 25mg

Standardised extracts equiv. dry Green Tea 100mg Coleus 75mg

Other ingredients: Chitosan (derived from seafood) 200mg Chromium Picolinate 125mcg Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vit B6) 15mg Choline bitrate 50mg Inositol 50mg

Contains NO added: Gluten, yeast or salt Contains maltodextrin



People with inflammatory bowel diseases should not use FatBlaster.

Consult your health practitioner if suffering from anxiety or diabetes.

As some ingredients may have glucose-lowering effects, diabetics should monitor their glucose levels closely and should consult their health professional before taking FatBlaster.

Guarana contains caffeine and should be avoided when pregnant, during lactation or if suffering from any heart condition.

Should be taken an hour before or after any other supplements or medication as Chitosan may inhibit bio-activity.

Not recommended for any kind of shellfish allergy sufferers.

If fluid retention persists, seek medical advice.

Contains 73.64mg of caffeine per tablet